Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Balancing Routine and Novelty

When we work out, we want to strike a balance between novelty and routine because both are beneficial for us.

Novelty is what keeps us growing.  Doing the same workout for months and years on end does not challenge our bodies or our minds enough.  We don’t explore different movement patterns and so don’t practice adaptation to new circumstances.

Routine, however, is a powerful force.  Knowing that Monday is the day we go to yoga and Tuesdays and Thursdays we lift weights helps make those plans automatic.  The body prepares for it, the car goes there on autopilot, and we’re done before we know it!

When we find ourselves bored or when we stop making progress, it is time to try something new.  However, if we find that we can’t seem to get those workouts done, it might be time to harness the magic of routine to put us on the right path.

We can do it!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Summer Fun

Summer workouts can be really fun, but there are a couple of things to consider to make them safer.

      Hydrate.  When it’s hot, we sweat more and so we need to drink more, even if we don’t feel thirsty yet.  Plain water is best unless the workout takes more than an hour, in which case something with electrolytes can come in handy.
      Wear sunscreen.  The only thing worse than workout soreness is workout soreness with bonus sunburn.  We also don’t want to be the fittest people ever to die of skin cancer, either.
      Go early or late.  It tends to be cooler.
      Wear clothes that breathe.  We all love our old concert shirts, but that cotton gets wet, heavy, and hot.  The fancy newer fitness fabrics can make the work seem less like a swim when we’re actually on land.
      Have fun.  This one applies all year round, actually.  When we choose the activities we like best, we are more likely to keep doing them!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday Workout: Plank Jacks!

Plank jacks give us bonus points for doing cardio while having to control our abs.  I love bonus points.  Even people who don’t love jumping can usually do plank jacks because it’s not a full-body impact.  Three rounds!

plank jacks

lunge punches

(jump) squats
upright rows
femur arcs