Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hot off the press...

Sometimes working out when it’s hot seems like way too much trouble.  It’s not.  It is still good for us to move and work and stretch.  However, there are a few ways to make it more bearable:

Do it early or late:  Avoid that middle of the day boiling period.  Go before the sun gets up and enjoy the stillness, or after the sun goes down and we can all breathe again.

Take it inside.  This might mean working out in the air conditioned gym, or doing our walk at the mall.

Get wet, inside and out.  Sprinkler tag anyone?  Swimming, paddle-boarding, surfing, and water polo are also good choices.  And it is super duper extra double important to drink water during the workout when it is hot out.  Dehydration is Very Bad and will make us feel like we have been run over by six bulldozers and an elephant.

Embrace the heat?  If all else fails, this might be the time to decide that the yoga practice is really Hot Yoga.  Maybe Hot Weights haven’t caught on yet, but we can be trend-setters.

We can do this.

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