Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Principally, I take photos of flowers

Fitness, not surprisingly, is usually about goals.  I love goals.  (And yelling “Goal!!!!!”)  Goals have all kinds of usefulness.  And yet, they are limited.

What we need even more than goals, is principles. 

OK, Smarty-Pants, what exactly do you mean by that?

Goals, by nature, are specific.  I want to lose ten pounds, buy a bikini, and climb Mt. Everest.  Principles are more overarching.  I want to live a healthy and adventurous life.  When we focus solely on goals, we might miss out on other things we also want, things that add richness to our experience.  We don’t get closer to buying a bikini by trying a new yoga class, but it is definitely part of a healthy and adventurous life.

Knowing our principles allows us to make good decisions.

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