Monday, June 20, 2016

Sitting in the sun is a good one...

Somewhere out there, there is probably a band named Emergency Third Rail Power Trip.  If there isn’t, there should be.  (Why, yes, I do have a problem with reading signs and giving them different interpretations than they were intended to have…)  Furthermore, we should all also find our own emergency third rail power trips.

We all have emergencies.  Some are real (sudden illness, natural disaster) and some less so (A zit! Right there!  On my face!), but all of them cause stress.  The point of an emergency third rail power trip is to remove the power supply from that stress so it fizzles and dissolves instead of sending its little cortisol messengers out to encourage us to flip out.

Let’s have a little disaster preparedness seminar with ourselves and figure out what we can do to unplug the stress.  Maybe it is breathing practice.  Maybe it is hard cardio work.  Maybe it is hugs.  Whatever it is, let’s figure it out before the emergency comes so we can stop the madness.  It will keep us healthier.

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