Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I'm so lazy I need to work out

In some ways, the best reason to focus on fitness is laziness.  Laziness loves efficiency, because it leaves more room for sleeping in and reading and cuddling.

Fitness saves time.  Time spent exercising is an investment.  It makes us healthier, which gives us more years to live in and a better quality of life during those years.  We get to spend fewer hours in doctors’ offices.  We don’t waste hours staring at the ceiling trying to fall asleep.

Fitness saves money.  Many fitness pursuits are cheap in themselves.  Almost all of them are cheaper than therapy and doctors.  When we maintain our weight, we don’t have to spend money on bigger clothes.  When we maintain our moods through fitness, we don’t have to do retail therapy.

Fitness can save our lives.  Sometimes this is literal.  Fitness correlates with reduced risk of all kinds of nasty diseases.  In a more figurative sense, it can save our lives from stress, boredom, and depression.

Work out so you can be lazy!

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