Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Book Report: Papillon

The latest selection in Andrew Luck’s book club for adults is Papillon by Henri Charriere.  (Andrew Luck makes this qualify as fitness reading.  Also, extreme endurance events in the plot.)  The book is a memoir written by a man sentenced to life imprisonment in French Guyana.  He attempts multiple escapes, eventually succeeding and going on to live out his life in Venezuela.

This was not my favorite book.  Much of it reads too much like fiction, and some of it like the kind of fantasy a horny con would come up with.  The exploits are exciting, the prisons are horrible, and the characters are colorful.  They just don’t seem all that real and thus are less compelling.  Maybe I would like it better if I were a male.  Or if I saw the movie with Steve McQueen.

Verdict:  Give this one a miss.

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