Monday, July 25, 2016

The boas turned out to be nonfunctional, but I get tiger arm pads tomorrow!

I’ve written about injury before, but the time has come to do it again because—hey!—I am injured.  We all try not to get injured.  This is why we pay attention to form and take reasonable precautions when doing semi-dangerous things.  Even so, sometimes we end up hurt.

Our doctors and other practitioners do an excellent job of telling us how to take care of whatever body part is non-functional.  We all know about ice and ibuprofen and rest and the other useful advice.  What is harder, I think, is coping with our brains.

When we find ourselves more helpless than usual, there are two contradictory things we have to do to cope:  fight it and embrace it.

Fight it is the one I prefer.  That is the part where we ask the doctor what parts of our current fitness practices we can still do.  Maybe feeding the dog while balancing on one foot is challenging, but it can be done.  Look!  Someone kindly transformed my house into an obstacle course!  I am going to master that sucker.

The embrace it part is more challenging.  It is not antifeminist to allow people to hold the door for us when we have crutches.  It is okay for your family to bring you things and fuss with your pillows.  This is a great excuse for binge-watching crime shows and catching up on all that reading.

The point is:  healing is faster when we remain sane.  Let’s remember our independence and also celebrate our interdependence.  Also:  fancy crutches.

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