Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Strong is beautiful

Some people gravitate more naturally toward weight training than others.  Those who instinctively enjoy moving heavy objects need no convincing that it is a good idea.  For everyone else, here are some good reasons to do it:

1.     Bone health.  Weight training builds bones as well as muscles, reducing the risk of fracture as we age.
2.     Increased metabolism.  Our muscles are more demanding than our fatty tissues, burning more calories and making weight loss or weight maintenance easier.
3.    Strength.  This one is obvious, but maybe not as obvious as it first seems.  Yes, lifting heavy objects makes it easier to lift more heavy objects.  It also makes it easier to shift furniture, play with kids, and use crutches if necessary.
4.     Vanity.  Muscles that are used look prettier than muscles that watch TV all day. 

5.     Challenge.  There is nothing like meeting a challenge to build self-esteem.  When we crank out a new personal record, we earn a new sense of our own awesomeness.

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