Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Embrace the change

Often I am in favor of baby steps.  They are super useful when we need to talk ourselves into something new.  We can try out some tiny little change that isn’t all that threatening and then see how it goes.  It can lead to amazing and large change in a semi-painless fashion.

But there are times when giant steps are called for.  Sometimes it is not enough to temporize with ourselves, to compromise, to approximate our way to greatness.  We need to start being great right now, totally.  We need to commit.

So.  I’m now a vegetarian.  I’ve looked at the evidence.  I’ve remembered how I used to feel when I was one before.  I’ve bid fond farewell to the bacon, which was pretty much the only thing I missed last time.

Maybe your giant step is different.  Maybe it is exercising first, before anything else.  Maybe it is ditching the sugar, or the boyfriend, or the bad attitude.  Maybe it is embracing the kale or lacing up the shoes.  Whatever it is, let’s do it.  I’m here for you, eating my salad.

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