Thursday, July 20, 2017

This is a photo of a caterpillar woman celebrating, or at least I think so.

Need a reward?  One that isn’t super pricey and has no calories?  Here’s a list:

1.     Get the car washed.  By someone else.  Maybe even a spiffy smell.
2.     Pedicure.
3.    A book in your favorite guilty-pleasure genre.
4.     New crazy socks.
5.     That song you can’t get out of your head, the one that makes you dance in the kitchen.
6.    A stroll by the beach.  Bring that special someone for bonus points.
7.     One session of a new class, whether it is yoga or climbing or tai chi or spin.  Something that opens your brain and your body.
8.     A puzzle.  Jigsaw, Sudoku, crossword, whatever keeps your monkey mind off the cookies.
9.     Something that smells good, whether that is lotion or perfume or shampoo or even new laundry soap.
10. A long chat with a friend.  Call someone far away or meet someone close by to catch up for real.

11.  Make something.  Take a photo, draw a picture, build a birdhouse.  Learn macramé or origami.

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