Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Obstacles? We have got that covered.

The first rep is the hardest.  And the first rep is the one before we even touch a weight—it’s the one where we get our butts to the gym in the first place.  Even if we love working out (and there are plenty of us who don’t love it, I know), there are times when we just can’t get motivated.  We need to figure out how to go anyway, in spite of the “obstacles” we put in our own way.

One common obstacle is a change of schedule.  We have to do something else during our normal gym time and we don’t find a new spot for working out.  Overslept?  Guests for dinner?  Rain at lunchtime?  All relatively good excuses, but we can find the time if we really want to.  Maybe it means an extra shower or slightly less time looking at cute puppies online, but we can do it.

Another is boredom.  This can set it when we always do the same workout or go to the same class.  Change it up a little!  Maybe we will hate the rowing machine or hip hop dance, but at least we moved and we may return to our usual haunts with more appreciation.

Then there is soreness.  We need to learn to recognize the difference between the good kind and the bad kind.  The good kind means we have worked hard enough.  That kind will feel better when we get moving and get the stiffness out.  The bad kind means injury.  We need to rest then.

No matter what the obstacle, we can plan for it and overcome it!

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