Monday, May 30, 2016

Things to remember

Happy Memorial Day.  We give thanks for our freedoms and take time to remember those who came before us and their work to ensure our civil rights and domestic tranquility. 

As we celebrate, let’s also ensure that we remain in good health.

Imbibe in moderation, and never in conjunction with driving.  We cannot be healthy and dead at the same time.  We cannot risk other people’s lives because we knocked back a few too many in remembrance of anyone or anything.

Step away from the brownies.  Let’s celebrate with carrot sticks and dancing, hikes and yodeling, or anything else that moves us away from the dessert table.

Go outside.  We have a beautiful country.  Let’s look at it!

Hug people.  It is good for the soul.  If we don’t get enough hugs, our faces will fall off.  Well, maybe not, but why take chances?  Also, making connections contributes to general wellbeing and resistance to disease.


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