Sunday, May 29, 2016

I think...

Mindfulness does not have to involve sitting in a lotus position in a white room decorated with a single flower in a bowl of clear water.  It can, of course.  But for those of us meditationally challenged, I offer some other ideas for stilling the monkey mind.

Repetitive cardio.  The rhythmic motion of swimming, biking, running can have the same effect as a rocking chair on a baby.  We settle.  We breathe.  We relax.

Coloring.  There is a reason this has become trendy.  We give our brains just enough to do that the monkey mind slows down and rests in the moment.  Drawing, knitting, and some kinds of writing also fit into this space.

Singing.  Mindfulness has an intimate relationship with breath.  It is challenging to sing without breathing deeply.  Bonus points for doing it in the shower.  Extra bonus points for crazy dancing, falsetto, or costumes.

Cleaning.  Creating beauty and space outside ourselves can often create the same inside.  Clutter in our heads keeps us from focusing on the essentials.  Clutter on our desks can do the same.  Also, life is better with less dog hair.

Cooking.  Tactile practices like cooking bring us into the body.  The colors and scents and textures of cooking feed us before we even eat a bite.  Best results in cooking come from paying attention to the details, which is another way of saying focus.

Do what works.

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