Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Exercise: Plyojacks

Some days, the Amazing Stickie wants to push herself aerobically with some intervals.  An excellent choice for a 1-minute (or 30-second) cardio interval is the plyojack, the jumping jack’s stronger brother.

To begin, Stickie stands with her feet together and her arms over her head with her hands together.  Then she jumps her feet out wide, bends her knees and her waist, and touches her hands to her ankles.  She jumps back to the upright, “pencil” position and repeats the process until the minute is over.

Stickie, although she never truly regrets her workout choices, often feels that she may have made a mistake in choosing plyojacks when her legs and butt hurt about 20 repetitions into the process.  She uses her immense fortitude to stick it out, knowing that she will be stronger for it.  She also knows that if she needs to, she can always finish the interval with regular jacks if plyojacks prove more than she can handle.

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