Thursday, December 18, 2014

Well, then...

Sometimes life presents more challenges than we would like to deal with.  We (or some of we, speaking for myself…) get tired, crabby, hungry, lazy, and even depressed.  It happens.  Now, during the short days, the long nights, and the zillion holiday pressures, is often one of those times.  In this season of lists, I would like to offer one more:  the wellness list.

We make sure to do all the responsibility things, like feed the dogs and children, clean the bathrooms when we really have to, do the laundry, go to work.  It’s the good-for-us things that tend to fall through the cracks.  We all know there are things we can do that will make us happier, healthier, and better.  The wellness list is for those things.

Be careful not to make the wellness list a long document of guilt.  Guilt does not promote wellness.  Keep the list short and include at least one thing that is super easy to cross off, like brushing your teeth.

I like crossing things off, so I write my own wellness list on paper.  I make it on Sunday night, but any time that works is good.  I stick it on the wall over my laptop so I have to look at it when I check my email, write my blog, read Facebook, plan workouts, play too many games of Freecell… It helps get me back on track.  I also share my list with a friend, who keeps me honest about the list.

My list this week has 6 things on it that I strive to do every day, Monday through Friday:

1.     Cardio
2.     Pilates
3.     Healthy food
4.     In bed by 10
5.     Meditate/write
6.     Something fun

That last item is key.  One day this week it was having (healthy!) lunch with a friend.  Another day it was listening to silly music in the car.

Sunday night, I will look at what wellness things I managed to do this week.  I will pat myself on the back.  Unchecked items are not failures.  They show me that I can take better care of myself next week.

What would make you feel good?

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