Wednesday, November 12, 2014

(It's mostly cotton, with a little lycra...)

Boredom can be a good motivator.  No, I don’t mean that it is a good idea to wait around to exercise until you are so bored that it’s a question of working out or cataloguing the various different fabrics contributing to your dryer lint.  Bodies respond best to variety.  If your workout is always the same, you can move through it on autopilot and your body won’t continue to grow new skills.

Sometimes we need to forego our trusty elliptical trainer and try the stair-climber instead.  Go outside and try actual stairs, even.  The seasonal ice rink has opened at South Shore; ice skating can be aerobic with a side of balance training.

Beyond switching up the cardio choices, boredom can encourage us to do other types of healthy fitness activities.  We need more than cardio to thrive.  Choose a weight workout to build more lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism.  Spend some time in yoga to improve your flexibility and challenge your balance.  Try Pilates to become stronger, longer, and leaner.

We all need a balance of cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility.  Too much emphasis on any one aspect will compromise optimal fitness and bore the workout pants off of us.  Let’s make things interesting!

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