Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Book Report: Looking Deep

When one goes on vacation and severely underestimates how much reading material is required, one might end up browsing the 99-cent used books at the closest bookstore.  This is how I ended up reading Looking Deep by Terry Bradshaw with Buddy Martin.

I love football.  I wasn’t paying attention much at the time that Bradshaw was an active player, but I enjoy his commentary nowadays.  He’s likeable, funny, and generous in spirit and he has good stories to tell about his remarkable achievements.

While he is certainly not perfect, he is disarmingly honest about his own shortcomings.  He describes coming to terms with his own racism and overcoming the biases he grew up with.  He owns his part in the professional and personal relationships that didn’t work out for him.

He’s also humble, crediting his success to hard work above all.  He addressed his struggles with intelligence, persistence, and humor.  May we all do likewise!

Finally, the book was entirely worth the under-a-buck I paid for it just to learn that the fake name he used when he had elbow surgery was… Thomas Brady.  There has to be a conspiracy theory waiting to happen there.

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