Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hoppin' down the bunny trail...

Now that it is daylight savings time, we can call it spring.  Spring means daffodils (yay!), afternoon bike rides (yay!), and spring cleaning (less yay!).  Guess what I’m going to talk about.

Actual spring cleaning of our houses is good for the soul, making space for new activities and pursuits, but let’s do some spring cleaning of our fitness routines.  There are fewer bags to carry to the trash or drop at Goodwill this way.

If we’ve been doing the same exercise routines for months now, it’s a good time to switch them up.  We don’t need to be stuck inside the gym in the nice weather—we can bike or swim or hike or surf or bungee jump (is that exercise?) or climb trees and rocks instead.  Even if we swap a zumba class for a circuit class it can wake us up and inspire our bodies to new levels of fitness.

Then there is food.  I happened to be at a farmer’s market last Saturday and I have an important announcement:  strawberries!  New foods are coming into season.  With warmer weather, the need for soup and stew is diminishing.  We can lighten up our eating.  If we want to get really crazy, we can think about ditching sugar, or dairy, or wheat, or that secret binge food, whatever it is, and see what happens.

If we must spring forward, let’s spring as far as possible!

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