Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wee Willie Winkie did stairs at night...

I’m a morning person.  Once I am out of bed, off I go, full of energy, until afternoon, when it all goes downhill.  I have learned that it is best to do the most important things first off.  Some other people, not so much.  They need some time to get moving and do best waiting to tackle the important or hard stuff until later.

There have been studies showing it is best to work out in the morning, the evening, or both.  The best time to work out is when it works for you.  That might mean sleeping in your gym clothes, rolling out of bed and into the car to hit the gym before you are even entirely awake.  Maybe you need a lunch time movement break.  Maybe finally, after dinner and dishes, you can take the time to sweat.  Any workout is better than no workout.

No matter what time you choose, you will feel better for having done it!

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