Wednesday, February 4, 2015

No tire rotation, please

I’m going to the doctor today for what one of my former coworkers called my annual lube and oil filter change.  My doctor calls it a PAP smear.  As much as I like my doctor, I’m not particularly looking forward to it.  I’m doing it because it is part of being a healthy person.

Virtually every exercise advice begins with “Talk to your doctor.”  For some health conditions, it is crucial.  High blood pressure sufferers and diabetics, for example, need to understand what they can and cannot do and how to deal with various circumstances that can arise while exercising.  It is also important to get your doctor’s and your physical therapist’s input when you are coming back from an injury.

However, checking in with the doctor isn’t just about fitness plans.  It is about general wellness.  We all need routine tests, vaccines, screenings.  As our bodies change, medications may need to be added, adjusted, or eliminated.

And if you park at a distance from the office, you can get a little exercise on the way.

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