Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Grab your partner...

We don’t have to do it alone.  A friend can make us show up to work out.  Some people thrive on a little friendly competition.  Another set of eyes can help our form.  Having someone to talk to can make the miles of that walk or ride go faster.

There are a few important ground rules, though.

1.     Pick the right friend.  We know which one, the reliable one, the good influence one, the one who makes us our better selves.  I’m not trying to be judgmental here.  The point is that we want to encourage ourselves to exercise, not provide ourselves with a convenient excuse.  A subset of this rule is that if a friend has a real reason not to meet up on a particular occasion, we have to go anyway.
2.     Pick the right destination.  If all our walks end at the doughnut shop, we might have a problem.  We need to choose walks that are inherently interesting, say, along the beach, or that end at places we need to go anyway, like the bank or the store.
3.     Pick the right pace.  We want to be able to have a conversation, but one that keeps moving.  If you can burst into song, you are probably not moving fast enough, although if you start dancing along, bonus points.

Go make a date!

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