Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You are sentenced to...

I experiment so you don’t have to.  One day this weekend, I hardly moved off my couch.  I watched both football games and enough cop shows to convince me that the entire world is composed of victims and perps, to paraphrase Peter Wimsey.  I felt terrible.

I watch football because I love it.  I watch cop shows to quiet my brain.  It is okay to do things I love, less okay to do things that make me feel terrible.  So those hours I spent quieting my brain with football would have been better spent quieting my brain with exercise, meditation, or, hey, sleep!

The fitness point here is that sometimes we need to figure out why we do things that are not good for us and then find other ways to seek the same ends.  I revoked my own tv privileges yesterday, did approximately four hundred laps around an aircraft carrier, and took a nap.  Shockingly, my brain felt just as soothed and my body felt much better.

In other news, folks pointed out two interesting articles to me.  Check these out if you want:

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