Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Obviously, should have posted yesterday...

At breakfast, Syd, my older son, mentioned that Seneca had something to say about the value of stating the obvious.  Since I state the obvious all day long, I thought I should look up the actual quote, which is:

People say, “What good does it do to point out the obvious?” A great deal of good; for we sometimes know facts without paying attention to them. Advice is not teaching; it merely engages the attention and rouses us, and concentrates the memory, and keeps it from losing grip. We miss much that is set before our very eyes. Advice is, in fact, a sort of exhortation. The mind often tries not to notice even that which lies before our eyes; we must therefore force upon it the knowledge of things that are perfectly well known.’

Much of what needs to be done for fitness is “obvious.”  We know.  We just need to be reminded and encouraged to do it.

Go do what needs doing!  (And maybe not just in a fitness context!)

(This is a photo of a more fit-looking Greek statue, stolen fair and square and displayed in the British Museum.)

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