Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Stretch Goals...

We, culturally, spend a lot of time sitting.  Some of it is the nature of our work, or, worse, where our work is located.  And then, after work, we get lured in by a great new television series, a blockbuster film, or even a nice chat over drinks with friends.  What do we get from all of this?  A heck of a lot of stiffness.

I suggest a two-pronged approach.  No, not sticking two prongs under our behinds, although that might work…

1.     When possible, stand up and move.  Take a stroll with those friends.  Go to a concert and dance like no one is watching.  It might be extreme to use a spin bike as a decorative element, but in my living room, I have one placed where I can binge watch cop shows with slightly less guilt.
2.     Stretch.  Stretching should be our transitional object.  Getting in the car?  Stretch.  Getting out of the car?  Stretch.  Done with dinner?  Stretch.  Stuck in line?  Stretch.  Tools help.  I have a point-pressing duck and a lacrosse ball in my car.  I travel with yoga tune-up balls and sometimes even rollers.

If we do these two things, when we get to our workouts, we will find that our bodies move better.

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