Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Real Life?

It is the time of year when I often think about how convenient it is that weights are shaped the way they are.  I think this because it is the time of year when I have to help move things that are not shaped like weights.  Mattresses may not be all that heavy, but they sure are awkward.  Ikea boxes seem to be made of special frictionless cardboard designed to slide right out of my hands.

This whole concept is the thrust behind functional fitness.  Workouts that incorporate objects that are more like things we meet in real life or that mimic motions we need to use for ordinary purposes have practical use.

I don’t have any plans to incorporate fifteen reps of mattress schlepping into a workout any time soon, but the work we do gripping things in different ways, perfecting balance, and using unstable surfaces will help us meet life’s actual challenges better.

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