Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Not Set in Stone, Unlike This Petroglyph That Looks Like a Mutant Butterfly

Sometimes, like Thomas Edison, we figure out what doesn’t work before we figure out what does.  The basics of fitness are simple:  move more, eat less, keep breathing, repeat.  How they apply to each of us in our individual circumstances with our own special chemistry is more complicated.

As I mentioned a while back, I was considering trying the Bulletproof approach to food.  I had two reasons.  One was that I thought it would be something my husband could stick with, given that one of the basic premises is that meat is a Good Thing.  The other was that I thought it might help me with my inflammation issues.

One out of two isn’t bad.  It works great for Brent.  He lost weight and feels good.  He is ready to keep on with the program.

Me, not so much.  I lost some weight, yes, but I felt horrible.  I was tired and stupid and irritable (yes, more than usual!!!).  So I learned something that doesn’t work for me and I can move along to try something else.

Part of experimenting is being willing to say that something isn’t working.  That’s good.  That’s important.  And trying the next thing is just as important.  Up from here!

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