Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Trainer selection

I am not everyone’s perfect trainer and that is okay.  Just as, when we were in school, some teachers knew how to reach us, some trainers fit our style better than others.  Here are things to consider when choosing a trainer:

What does she know? There are many kinds of trainer certifications.  Does your trainer have certifications?  What about additional education?  For example, I am a NASM-certified personal trainer with specializations in corrective exercise and weight loss.  Additionally, I am a PMA-certified Pilates instructor.  All trainers should have CPR training (yes, I do!).

What does she do?  Odds are that if your trainer is passionate about the same stuff you are, she will be equipped to help you.  Does she have a sense of what your sport or pastime requires?

When does she work?  If her schedule doesn’t work for you, she can’t help you.  Some people thrive on morning workouts and other people would rather be eaten by tigers.  Other people really need an after work slot.

Is she funny?  Or serious?  Does she get you?  If you leave your workout feeling better than when you started, chances are you have found a good fit, especially if you find yourself sweaty, too.

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