Thursday, April 27, 2017

Recipe for Greatness

It is possible that the perfect food is out there.  We might, by extensive research and testing, discover the ideal dietary choices that will give us the energy we need, fulfill all our nutritional requirements, and keep us lean and healthy.  In the meantime, we have to do the best we can.

As a non-nutritionist, all I can authoritatively say is that we would do well not to eat too many calories, to try to make those calories as nutrient-dense as possible, and to avoid the junk food.  Also, eating vegetables is almost always a good idea.

However, there is no reason to eat kale if we hate it.  Buying a bunch of healthy food that we allow to rot in the back of the fridge because it isn’t appealing doesn’t do anyone any good (except possibly the pizza delivery people, who profit from the failure of our best intentions).  Maybe we need to approximate our way to greatness, cutting a little sugar there and adding some broccoli here to start.  As our palates adjust and we feel better, we can switch up a little more.  It might turn out that we love quinoa (unlike everyone but me in my family!) and that our favorite canned soup now tastes way too salty.

Experiment!  It might turn out to be tasty as well as good for us.

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