Thursday, April 20, 2017

Body Positive

It is not news that culturally we are trained to hate our bodies.  Women, especially, are bombarded with messages about what is wrong with us, although men are not immune.

As a trainer, this puts me in a weird space.  Body hatred often motivates people to seek me out.  People join gyms to address “problems” with their bodies, to get rid of their bellies or shape their behinds or somehow “earn” the right to wear a bathing suit.

We are all allowed to wear bathing suits.  No matter what our shape, we all deserve to love our bodies and to enjoy all the things our bodies can do.

My philosophy is this:  we are awesome as we are and we can be even better.  I like love as motivation rather than shame.  I love my clients and want them to feel fabulous and live a long time doing things they love to do.  What would happen if fitness was not something we felt we had to do in order to be enough, but rather something we did to unleash the possible?

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