Thursday, March 30, 2017

What counts?

What counts as exercise?  We know that watching a movie doesn’t count.  We know that running a marathon does.  What about the stuff in between?

Like, say, gardening.  Well, it depends.  Sitting on our butts weeding for hours probably doesn’t count.  We’ll get dirty and possibly sweaty if it is hot and sunny, but most people don’t find their pulses racing while having it out with the dandelions.  If we’re digging compost into the garden beds, however, it probably does count.  Hefting the bags, shoveling, turning over the dirt and everything can get us good and breathless.

Same deal for housework.  Light dusting: no exercise.  Spring cleaning with rug beating, Goodwill-schlepping, and forty seven trips up and down the stairs:  exercise.

Bottom line:  if it makes you sweaty and breathless, it counts.  If you’re sore the next day, it counts.  Otherwise, not so much.

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