Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Two things to do

Fitness, shockingly enough, does not happen in the time I spend with my clients.  What we do with our session contributes, I hope, to their fitness, but all the rest of the hours in the week heavily outweigh our time together.  This is why I’m working on mind control.  Just kidding.  Mostly.  It’s why I write a blog about fitness issues in hopes of helping non-workout time become better for us all.  There are two things that clients need to do for themselves in order to make the most of their fitness and of their time with me.

1.     Sleep.  Rest is as much a part of fitness as work.  Culturally, we are sleep-deprived, to the point that many of us take pride in how un-rested we are.  This is not good.  Our bodies and brains need sleep and dreams and downtime.  Let’s grab a nap.  Let’s forgo the extra hour of television or housework or video games and go to bed on time.

2.     Eat.  We need the right amount of healthy food.  This may require some experimentation because we are all our own personal chemistry labs.  Some of us need more protein.  Some of us do better without dairy.  Some of us must have green things.  Find the right balance.

Do these two things and we can have even more fun working out.

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