Thursday, February 16, 2017

No, I am not advocating alcoholism. Drink your water.

In depressing times, we have to take care of ourselves.  Please note:  if you have (as I do) clinical depression, none of the things I am about to write are a substitute for professional help; they just help the help to work and are good practice for healthy living.  If you need medication, take it.  If you need therapy, get it.  All this stuff is bonus points for the clinically depressed and may be more than we can handle on any given day.  If you are breathing and awake, good for you!  And if you need someone, I am here for you.  End of disclaimer.  On to the ways to take care of ourselves.

Drink.  Water.  Lots of it.  We make bad decisions when we are dehydrated.  We get crabby and headachy and tired.  Watch out for the alcohol because it dehydrates us, among other effects.

Eat good food.  If we seek solutions in the bottom of potato chip bags, we probably won’t find them.  Even the prizes in the Frosted Flakes box are overrated.  Enough protein, high-quality carbohydrates, good fats, fresh ingredients:  these nourish us.

Move.  Crawl, if that is all we can manage.  But let’s try to dance instead, or walk with a friend.

Connect.  Call somebody.  Do a favor.  Give a hug.  We don’t have to be alone.

Make a joke.  Even a really bad one.  Especially a really bad one (they are my favorite).  When it is a laugh-or-cry situation, choose the laughter.

You are a wonderful human being.  No one is like you.  The world needs you.  Do what you need to do to be the best you possible.

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