Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lift up your mind...

When we think of mindful movement, I think we tend to imagine yogis or tai chi masters moving slowly through their routines.  That is definitely part of it, but we can do any kind of movement mindfully.

We can, for example, think about where we feel a particular kind of lift as we are moving the weight through the air.  Does it feel the same on both sides?  What parts of our bodies want to move even though they aren’t part of what we are moving, say, the standing leg’s hip shifting out to the side as we raise the “working” leg?  We can proceed through observation toward mindfulness.

As we learn more about our bodies, we can tune in more deeply.  We can learn where our serratus anterior is and why we might want to engage it as we raise our arms (to keep our shoulders out of our ears).  We can think about how our bones move, about where our muscles pull, about why tightness in our tissues keeps us from full range of motion.

Maybe we learn that an exercise is not right for us.  Maybe we learn that we have improved since last time we tried.  Maybe we can shift our form with a change in breath.

What can we learn when we pay attention?

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