Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Write down more!

This clipboard is a tool familiar to my clients.  This is where I keep track of workouts.  For clients, it gives me a place to write down record-breaking lifts or thoughts for the next workout or exercises that would be good to add to the repertoire.

When I use the clipboard on myself, I use it a little differently because I make myself work out with myself more than once or twice a week.  This is where I write down my goals for the week and where I track what actually happened.  The point is, I keep a record.  I know that Thursdays are the hardest days to work out.  I know I tend to shirk the mat exercises when I do Pilates (so you notice that all the exercises on my Pilates list for the week are mat exercises this time out; I am sneaky like that.).

Set some goals.  Track what happens.  Learn stuff.  Do it again.

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