Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rules and Suggestions

It’s a gift-giving season.  Some of us, naturally, think of fitness gifts to give to our loved ones.  I would like to offer one rule for fitness gifts and then five suggestions.

First, the One Rule of Fitness Gifts:  Do not give them to people who do not want fitness gifts.  There is nothing more passive aggressive than giving a treadmill to that sedentary relative who lives to binge watch cooking shows while scarfing popcorn.  It doesn’t help them.  It doesn’t show love.  It provokes shame and resentment.  Also, that relative may show a surprising burst of speed in jumping up to strangle us.

Now on to the suggestions:

1.     Workout clothes.  We all need them and we all like to look spiffy and feel comfortable working out.  This can include footwear.  Also consider specialized clothing for the skier, swimmer, or caber-tosser of your acquaintance.
2.     Gym bag.  Gym bags do eventually wear out.  Find a roomy one with enough pockets and space for shoes.
3.    Music.  Nothing is more motivating than music.  Headphones also count in this category.
4.     Fitness tracker.  Yeah, this one is more expensive.  No one really NEEDS a tracker, but trackers can be both motivating and fun.

5.     Company.  Go work out with that friend or relative.  Take a class together.  Go hike or swim or ice skate or ski or bike.  Everything is more fun with a buddy.

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