Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Workout: 12 Days

It is that time again.  Once a year, need it or not, we do the 12 Days of Christmas workout, stolen fair and square from the amazing Michelle and slightly modified.  Here’s how it works:  we begin by doing one push press.  Then we do two goblet squats and one push press.  Next, three overhead presses, two goblet squats, and one push press, and so on through all twelve “days.”  We try to keep our rests between “days,” but really, any way we can survive this workout is totally fine.  And yes, I do know that we end up doing 42 burpees before it is over.  We are giving ourselves the gift of a fit Christmas, or, alternatively, an excuse to spike the eggnog.

1 push press
2 goblet squats
3 Overhead press
4 1 leg squats each leg
5 deadlifts
6 burpees
7 pushups
8 renegade rows
9 mountain climbers
10 jump lunges
11 kb swings
12 plyojacks

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