Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Now that we are past the winter solstice, we are turning toward the light!  The world is literally growing brighter each day (at least for us folks in the northern hemisphere).  That means we have metaphorical momentum to burnish other parts of our lives.

Often when we go to yoga, our instructors invite us to choose an intention for the time we spend in class.  I am no yogi (more like Yogi Bear), but let’s choose to reflect on what we want to spiff up while we get our cardio done this week.  All that lovely rhythmic running and biking and striding and such provides an excellent space for clear thinking.

Maybe we want to eat foods that make us feel good in the larger sense.  Maybe we want to tune into what our bodies are telling us.  Maybe we just want a bikini.  Let’s figure out whatever it is that is going to make us feel like we can shine in the coming light of the world.

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