Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to Holiday

This week, for most adults, begins the onslaught of holiday food (those of us who started at Halloween got a head start).  If we do not want to end up in January wondering what the heck happened, we have to have a plan.  Here are some suggestions.

Don’t contribute to the problem.  We like to give food gifts, but we can choose healthier ones, like spice mixes or pickles or whole grain muffins instead of cookies and candy.  When we bring something for the big dinner, we can choose to bring vegetables or salad without the super fatty and sugary touches.  Don’t push seconds.  Choose small plates.  Freeze the leftovers right away so they are not there, lurking in the fridge for that moment of boredom.

Manage emotions.  This is easier said than done when we mix crazy relatives and high expectations.  However, it is always a good idea to take a walk, or play some backyard football, or take the kids to the park.  Movement does wonders.  Making sure to take care of ourselves also helps; if we need to hop in a hot bath and tell no one to bug us unless things are on fire, so be it.

Have a taste, unless that is a trigger.  If Aunt Mildrid made that special pie you have loved since you were tiny just for you, it is all right to have a little.  We work on our fitness in order to enjoy life, so enjoy that small piece.  Unless, of course, that piece acts like a gateway drug and suddenly you are shooting up powdered sugar in the kitchen at midnight.

Laugh.  These are holidays, after all.  Find the good parts and savor them.

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