Thursday, November 17, 2016

Door number 1

Time for a list of things that induce happiness, which reduces stress, which increases health.  Ten things!

1.     Going outside!
2.     Singing along with the radio, in the shower, or with friends.
3.    Hot water.  May combine with tea and consume, or bubbles and soak.
4.     Bubbles.  Blowing them compels breathing, which is always good.
5.     Hugs.
6.    Knock knock jokes.  Or puns.  Or banana peels.  Whatever it takes to make laughter.
7.     Babies, human or animal.
8.     Art, visual, performance, textual, etc.  Make it or check it out.
9.     Sweat.  If achieved through chores/yardwork, bonus points for achievement.  If achieved through exercise, bonus points for health.  If achieved through sex, double bonus points that require no explanation.

10. Gratitude.  If things could be worse, that means there are things to be grateful for, and things could always be worse.

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