Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Routine Non-Procedure

Routine, like everything else, has advantages and disadvantages.  If I routinely eat a pint of ice cream every night, I probably won’t like the results.  If I routinely hop out of bed and get to my workout, I am more likely to enjoy what happens.  So far:  duh, right?

What happens when routine is disrupted?  Besides total chaos and the end of the world.  At the point when we can’t fall into our routine, we get to make choices.  Do we step up and find a way to take care of our fitness or dietary needs without the comfort of routine around us, or do we assume we can’t do anything because we didn’t do it when we were expecting to?

Here’s my plan for when plans don’t go as planned:  find a way.  Yes, I rely on my habits to get me to do things automatically that I would ordinarily find a way to get out of doing.  But when something happens in the morning, an unusual appointment, a missed alarm, I can figure out some way to fit the workout into another part of the day.

Let’s Get Things Done.

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