Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Physical forms come in all... well... forms

I am not one of those people who obsess about the Olympics.  I don’t have a favorite Olympic athlete.  I don’t even know what events are on and when.  When I do see news about the Olympics, one of the things I find most shocking is the amount of negativity directed toward athletes’ bodies.

I probably shouldn’t be shocked.  Our culture likes to say negative things about bodies, especially women’s bodies.  I object.

Today’s message for the purpose of subverting the dominant paradigm:  YOUR BODY IS AWESOME.  Yes, I typed it in all caps.  Yes, I am shouting it out loud.  Do not argue with me.  I am right.

Your body (mine, too, for that matter) does magic every day.  It sees, hears, smells, tastes, and senses the world around it.  It moves you around.  It transforms energy into matter and vice versa.  Because of your body, you can laugh and dance and hug people and eat melon and play football and sleep late.

Do not tell me that you do not like your thighs or your belly or that weird spot by your left elbow.  Your body is awesome just the way it is.

Give your body some love today.  (With consent, you can also give somebody else’s body some love today!)  You have officially earned a gold medal in miracles.

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