Monday, August 1, 2016

Not the candy

Sometimes stretching seems like the runt of the litter.  He or she gets shoved aside by the bigger, cuter puppies that seize our attention with their active bodies and insistent wiggling.

Feed the runt.  Take care of him or her.  That dog will save you later.

Tight muscles eventually fail.  They inhibit range of motion, causing problems with form.  Form issues produce injury.  Let’s not go there.

Warm up a little before you stretch, or use dynamic (moving) stretches as you warm up.  Stretch between weight lifting sets or during cardio recovery periods.  Stretch at the end.  This is just basic care and feeding for our little runt.

If you take your puppy to Pilates or yoga, it’s like a trip to the stretching dog park.  Not only does the puppy get lots of play time, he or she also gets to play with others and strengthen social bonds.

Runts can grow up to be healthy, happy dogs.

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