Monday, August 15, 2016

Fit to fly...

I thought about fitness while I was on vacation.  This is one way I know that I have the right vocation; my work blends in with my regular life in good and inspiring ways.  Fitness changes our lives at a fundamental level.

Because I am still healing from injury, I am, at the moment, considerably less “fit” than usual.  My top crutch speed is not even close to the normal walking pace of my kids.  The demands of a healing body produced fatigue much faster than usual.  Stairs, inclines, doors, and non-paved pathways proved challenging.  My point here is not to complain (although I am an expert complainer!), but to notice the fitness I, and perhaps others of us, take for granted.  I missed out on some fun things because my body couldn’t do them.  At the same time, I was grateful for the fact that I am strong and fit enough to cope with my injury.

What fun things do I miss out on when I am not injured?  What could I do if I were more fit?  Fitness is not an end in itself, but a means to a better quality of life.  Let’s get stronger, faster, fitter, better, so we can have more good times.

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