Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Exercise: Quadruped

The Amazing Stickie likes variety in her abdominal workouts.  She also likes to work on her stability in multiple positions.  Quadruped is a great exercise for both of those things.

She begins on all fours (hey, maybe that’s why the exercise is called quadruped!!!!) with her shoulders directly over her wrists and her hips directly over her knees.  Then, keeping her shoulders and hips level, she raises her left arm and right leg out until they are in line with her spine.  She strongly resists the temptation to tilt her hips.  Sometimes visualizing a glass of water resting on her sacrum helps with that; she does not want to get damp!  After she lowers her arm and leg back to the ground, she repeats with the other arm and leg.

She usually does sets of ten repetitions.

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