Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Don't play hurt

I do not like it when famous sports figures play through injuries.  It sets a bad example.  And I am, unfortunately, as subject to the influence as anyone.  A lot of fitness has a “suck it up” mentality when it comes to stuff that hurts.

I am not talking about soreness.  Soreness is a good thing.  It tells us that we have been doing what we need to do to grow.  I’m talking about pain.

When we are injured, the first thing we need to remember is to stop doing what we were doing that hurt us.  If the injury happened in some sort of freak accident way, that is simple enough.  (You know the joke.  Patient:  Doctor, I hurt my leg in three places.  Doctor:  Don’t go to those places!)  It is more challenging if the injury comes from repetitive stress.

RICE is the acronym for home remedies.  Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.  Ibuprofin is not bad either.  None of these things substitutes for professional help.

This is where massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and doctors come in.  Don’t be afraid to consult them.  They want us to be well!

And after all those folks have fixed us up, we can work with our trainers to correct the form issues that cause our injuries in the first place. 

But don’t play hurt.  It isn’t worth it.

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