Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Things to love

Over the weekend, I did my first hill ride in a long time.  I was worried.  I wasn’t sure I could still do it.  I was afraid my hands and forearms would fail.  I wondered if the hills would have me back.

I lived.  It was not my easiest ride ever and I was even slower than usual.  I got sore and tired.  But I remembered some things I had forgotten.

One was the joy.  Sometimes it was about glorious downhill speed.  At my favorite view spot, it was the joy of coming home to a place of my heart.  And then there was the deer browsing at the edge of the road who let me come within six feet before retreating just a little farther away.

Another was flow.  There were plenty of hot and sweaty moments with inner swearing (outer swearing takes too much breath sometimes), but there were the times that I found the place of just enough effort to do the job with none wasted. 

May we all find joy and flow in what we do.

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