Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Exercise: Skullcrushers

Everyone likes sexy triceps, especially as the weather gets warmer and our arms come out of their sweater hiding places.  The Amazing Stickie is no exception, so she enjoys adding skullcrushers to her routine.  She also likes to say “skullcrushers.”

Despite the name, there is no actual crushing of skulls involved in the exercise.  Stickie lies on her back on a bench (in bench position on a stability ball is also a good version that adds more challenge) with a weight in her hands.  Barbells work well for this.  A single dumbbell held at the ends or goblet-style also works.  She raises her arms directly over her shoulders.  This is the start position.  As she inhales, she lowers the weight toward her skull by bending her elbows.  She lifts the weight back up over her shoulders on the exhale.

It is tempting to do this exercise by moving at the shoulder joints, but that is cheating.  The goal is to get the triceps to do the work, so Stickie ensures that she uses only her elbows to move the weight.  She usually does three sets of ten to fifteen repetitions.

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