Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Count to Four...

Four reasons to do Pilates:

It sweats the small stuff.  When we do big movements with heavy weights, we are paying attention to the big muscles.  Pilates doesn’t ignore them, but it brings the attention deeper, to the stabilizers, the balance muscles, the little shifts that create symmetry and grace.  Taking those Pilates lessons back to the weight room can transform a workout when it is time to commune with the barbells.

It creates space.  We spend so much of our lives crammed.  We are stuck in cars.  Our shoes pinch our toes.  Our pants are too tight.  There is not enough time.  Pilates works to lengthen our bodies, to tease out the compression.  We can move with flow and find there is plenty of space after all.

It is harder than it looks.  We can rise to the challenge and find that our bodies like it!

It is about breathing.  We breathe or we die.  Pilates makes the not dying work better.

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