Monday, April 18, 2016

Sage, but not advice

Over the weekend, I got my back yard in order. 

Yes, in part it was a workout.  Both Brent and I lifted and carried big bags of dirt.  In real life, weights do not come with convenient handles or compact sizes that fit neatly between the arms.  Also, the truck has a high bed that presents challenges for a short person like me (sadly, one cannot train for increased height).

The fitness effects of the work, however, are larger than just plain sweat.  I planted tomatoes and peppers and basil and mint (and marigolds, to annoy the snails).  I will plant cucumbers for pickling.  I weeded around the blueberry bush, the blackberry vines, the peach and fig trees, and the new apple tree.  The rosemary and sage have overpowered the weeds in their beds through sheer exuberance.  Good food will come from my garden.

The patio cushions have been washed down and plumped up.  I have a new lounge chair; I’ve been threatening to get one for years and this is the year!  That means more time for the family outside in the sunshine and fresh air.  Dinner in the garden!  Reading near the herbs!  Napping next to the dog!

What else needs putting in order to enable a healthy spring and summer?  Let’s do it!

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