Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Exercise: YTA

The Amazing Stickie likes a challenge.  She also likes the alphabet.  Sometimes she likes both together, on days when she decides to do YTA, named for the positions of the arms.

The basic starting position for the exercise is in a plank position on a stability ball.  Placing the feet against a wall is a good idea.  The ball then rests under the hips and belly.  Throughout the entire exercise, Stickie will keep her abdominals engaged to protect her lower back.  If she experiences lower back pain and cannot adjust her abdominals to avoid it, she discontinues the exercise until another day when her abs are stronger.

This exercise uses surprisingly light weights.  Stickie does not feel bad that she has to use lighter weights for this than pretty much any other exercise because she knows it is plenty challenging!

From the ball plank position, she extends her arms overhead into a Y shape.  Then she opens them out into a T shape.  Finally, she brings her arms down by her hips, turning her hands over so that her palms face the ceiling, into the shape of an A with no crossbar.

The dumbbells return to the floor in front of the stability ball and Stickie repeats the process for each repetition.  Three sets of ten are usually plenty.

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